The status quo of China’s pearl industry

China’s pearl industry from breeding, processing and selling, breeding has constantly increased, processing and quality have been constantly improved, sales value is not proportional to the rise. China’s major freshwater aquaculture areas in Zhuji Pearl, Changde, Suzhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, water beads found mainly in Zhanjiang, Sanya, Beihai.

After processing, the Pearl primarily as jewelry and accessories, some of it is cosmetics, health products. Pearl’s main sales channel, one sold in Hong Kong, Japan and Europe and the United States; Mainland’s major retail markets in Beijing, Hongqiao, Shanghai Hongqiao, Sanya and other places of the North Sea and Zhuji.

In the annual production of thousands of tonnes pearls, gems and pearls about pearl production level of 10% to 15%, of which about AAA grade pearls pearl jewelry grade 5% to 10%, that is the year AAA-level Pearl production is only 10-20 tons. Cosmetics and health products used in pearl pearl of the total volume of about 30% of grade pearl jewelry pearl about 55% of the total.

Pearl is great potential for domestic market

In 1995, output value of jewelry is 560 billion yuan, the export value of 1.194 billion U.S. dollars; 2002 national jewelry output of 1000 billion yuan, the export value of 2.8 billion U.S. dollars; 2005 national jewelry production is 1400 billion yuan, the export value of 5.49 billion U.S. dollars; 2007 national jewelry value 1700 billion yuan, the export value of 8.024 billion U.S. dollars, including gold, diamonds, jade sales, accounting for more than 70% of the total. Pearl of total annual sales of about 30 billion yuan, less than 2% of total jewelry sales. Exports of 208 million Pearl, pearl gemstone products export 105 million. China’s annual domestic sales and export total amount of pearls around 60 billion yuan.

Jewelry retail sales of China’s annual growth rate of more than 15%. Likewise, the development of China’s Pearl retail market, growing faster, in order to diffuse FANGHUA and European poetry, for example, in 2007 compared with 2006 annual sales growth in more than 25%. Even if the next few years, Pearl of domestic retail sales from the current 3.0 billion to 100 billion, also only the total sales seventeenth jewelry, pearl domestic sales market has unlimited potential.

Network is the foundation product is the key

In the next few years, increasing sales outlets is the foundation. National Pearl retail counters (stores) about 400, less than national jewelry retail counters (shops) the total number of 1%. Increase in outlets, consumers can see the pearl, will it be possible to buy pearls. Pearl can not just consumer goods, tourism in the state of origin appears to be the establishment of sales outlets across the country.

Pearl series of products is the key. Pearl in a tandem of the most traditional and most prevalent. Earring, necklace, chest fall, brooches, rings, etc., according to the different grades and styles form a series. In order to meet the high consumer demand, increase the added value of pearl jewelry.

Maternal love is the best emotional position pearl

To create a proper idea of pearl consumption is the key. Diamond is the love, gold is wealth, jade is a blessing, platinum is fashionable pearl What is this? Fashion? Love? Elegant? No one give consumers a clear concept. Maternal love is the best marketing pearl emotional orientation.

Child is a product of the times. Mother and child emotional conflicts have become increasingly prominent. The need to pass a bond or expression of affection between mother and child and care. Maternal love is a very high degree of awareness of the concept has not been a market for jewelry industry to use link to point, with good communication infrastructures. Rich cultural pearl industry, but lack the characteristics of the times of cultural philosophy,

Pearl maternal culture of innovation, not only embodies the characteristics of the times, but also to connect with the traditional culture. Pearl cohesion motherly love, mother of pearl culture in the process of birth to the baby as the same. Expectant mothers, young mothers, middle-aged mother, older mother, will produce a special sentiment on the pearl. Maternal love is the best interpretation of pearl.

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Beijing’s ‘Pearl Queen’

20 years ago, she was an unknown stallholder. Today, she has grown under China’s reform and opening-up policy to be regarded as Beijing’s ‘Pearl Queen’. Our reporter Zhao Kun gets us close to Bai Rufang, the founder of FANGHUA, a luxury pearl jewelry brand. Bai Rufang and Her Pearl Shop A group of American tourists are shopping in FANGHUA Pearl shop, located in the Pearl Market, Beijing’s pearl center. Bai Rufang is the owner of the shop and president of Beijing FANGHUA Pearls & Jewelry Co., Ltd. Since establishing it in the late 1980s, she has successfully grown FANGHUA into one of China’s most distinguished luxury pearl brands. She has branch companies in Beijing and Shanghai and over 20 shops established in some major Chinese cities. As well as having a vast empire of stores, she is known as the first person to introduce South Pacific pearls, the world’s most precious pearls, into China. With numerous foreign clients, Bai Rufang has received and has become good friends with many foreign leaders and luminaries like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, American former first lady Laura Bush and Russian former first lady Lyudmila Putin. Her pearls and shops are highly acclaimed by clients. “I’ve visited a couple of shops and I feel this shop is the best, due not only to the quality of merchandise, but also to the quality of the sales personnel.” “They have many necklaces that are pearls and gem stones which I think are very pretty, very unique, and of good quality. And I always get many compliments when I wear them. I give them as gifts and people are very happy to get them.” “It’s absolutely beautiful, fantastic. Great service, good people.” “I feel very comfortable when I am in the shop. Its environment is very nice.” Part of the reason for FANGHUA’s popularity is due to Bai Rufang’s efforts in stocking the finest pearls. She invites top Italian and Singaporean jewelry designers to design her pearls, stylizing them in a uniquely combined western and eastern way. She also hires Singaporean designers to decorate her shops, to produce a noble display place for her pearls. Bai Rufang is very proud of her business “Our pearls are all best chosen. Money is far not enough to afford them. To get them, effective supply channels and ability to distinguish them are also essential. We have all these. Meanwhile, we are professionally and exclusively into pearls. Some dealers mix different jewelries like gold and diamonds together in a small place, making it hard for customers to pick what they want. However, we have 1000-square-meter large shops exclusively providing pearls of top quality and crafts and fashionable designs. Our high-standard pearls have changed foreigners’ prejudices that pearls are usually cheap and low-grade.” Bai Rufang has come a long way for her success Dreaming of becoming a successful businesswoman, Bai Rufang came to Beijing at the age of 16 after graduating from secondary school. At that time China’s reform and opening-up policy encouraged private businesses. She started her pearl business in 1987 with a small booth of an area of less than 1-square-meter in the Pearl Market. Ambitious to be number one in the market, she made her enterprise unique from the very beginning. She chose to sell luxury pearls whilst others were competing on the sales of cheap pearls. Determined to make her pearls world-known, she later established her own brand, FANGHUA. 1995 was a milestone for Bai Rufang. During her first visit to the Pearl Market, former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher became a client of Bai Rufang’s. Her high-quality pearls and considerate service left a lasting impression on Mrs. Thatcher. So much so that she returned to Bai Rufang’s shop again the following year. Bai Rufang tells of the significance of Mrs. Thatcher’s visit “Mrs. Thatcher’s visit was widely appreciated. It brought my pearls a higher recognition among customers. The world’s luminaries’ positive opinions towards us made customers trust us more.” Mrs. Thatcher’s visits led Bai Rufang’s business into its golden stage. A series of international conventions and activities in the following years, like the 4th World Conference on Women in 1996 and Beijing Olympics in 2008, gave Bai Rufang a worldwide renown. Bai Rufang’s growth is also attributed to her influential family She had lived among businessmen since she was born in 1970, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. Her grandparents ran a small photography shop and were highly respected by customers for their high-quality photos. Her mother, a diligent woman, successfully ran many small businesses, such as doing needlework for others and running grocery stores. All these helped in cultivating Bai Rufang’s talent for business. Bai Rufang is deeply grateful to her mother. “My mother influences me much with her hard-work, kindness, optimism and never complaining nature. She is a traditional Chinese woman, talking little and doing a lot. My family used to be very poor. She worked hard, waking up only to work, to earn the bread and education fees for my brother and me. It is she who teaches me to be strong and hard working, never bending to hardships or losing the faith that I can achieve anything I want. Thus, I am now still keeping a habit not to sleep until I finish all the work of the day.” Wu Zili, deputy general manger of FANGHUA, witnesses Bai Rufang’s dedicated work each day. “She is incredibly diligent. Many entrepreneurs tend to slow their working pace to enjoy their fortune and life after they achieve a certain level of success. However, she never stops to take a break. She still works as hard everyday as she did in the preliminary stages of her career. I am indeed impressed by her lasting diligence, a rare spirit nowadays.” Besides being a successful businesswoman, Bai Rufang is also a respectable and generous person. Yao Cheng has been working with her for eight years and knows a lot about her. “She is a very kind person. We learn from her not only how to do things but also how to be a person. She is a Buddhist and unlike other businessmen, who are normally profit? Coriented, she always puts benevolence first. She is also very hospitable, treating every client equally, no matter what their social classes are. Thus our clients are still increasing although we seldom advertise.” Look backing at her 20-year-long journey, Bai Rufang credits China’s reform and opening-up policy with boosting her success. “It allows and encourages the running of our private businesses. Meanwhile, China’s openness to the world has brought more foreign enterprises into China, like the world’s top 500. More foreign relations are also established, enabling foreign embassies to come in. Furthermore, China’s growing rich. Its rapidly developing environment and facilities are attracting more foreigners in. It is reform and opening-up that is the determining element to my accomplishments.” Bai Rufang plans to continue her focus on high-quality pearls. To further develop her brand, she will enhance the training of her staff on pearl knowledge and service skills. She intends to open more shops across China and she believes she can be the leading private pearl trader in China in the near future. For Beyond Beijing, I am Zhao Kun.

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About our porducts

In the 20years history to develop FANGHUA has build the own product systems and brand style in the pearls sales territory. Our mainly category include 3 parts:

Freshwater water pearl:
Freshwater pearl is famous by its colorful looking, soft luster and abundant size. The best origin of freshwater pearl is Zhuji in Zhejiang province of China. From the old, Zhuji was known as “the home of pearls in China”. At here, pearls always have pure and superior quality. Every year, over 95% of freshwater pearl in China is made in Zhuji. So the resource of purchase is very wealth here. From the beginning of sales, FANGHUA just purchase Zhuji’s freshwater pearl to art and process. We do our best to insure that each pearl jewelries have the best quality: they have the average in size and shape; beautiful soft luster and perfect matching.

FANGHUA have the different classification method to insure that you can find the pearl for your need:
1,Color: Nature color: white, pink, lavender, orange
Laser-dyed: black, golden, etc.


3,Shape: round, drop, coin, butterfly, pear, baroque, etc.

4,Categories: necklace, bracelet, pendant, ring, brooch, earring

Seawater pearl
Seawater pearl is also called Easter pearl or Akoya pearl. The origin is in Japan and East of China. The main attractions of seawater pearl are its perfect shape, sharp luster and low yielding. Most of FANGHUA’s seawater pearl purchase in east of China and some higher price pears are collect in Japanese sea.
1,Color: Nature color: white,


3,Shape: perfect round

4,Categories: necklace, bracelet, pendant, ring, brooch, earring

Southsea pearl
Southsea pearl is a kind of seawater pearls. Because it big size, twinkling luster, pure color, Southsea pearl is famous all over the world, especially women like it. Southsea pearl include Tahitian pearl, white southsea and golden southsea. Each of them, the color is nature and unimaginable beauty. FANGHUA’s southsea pearl just collect from the best growing area in Australia.

At the same time, Tahitian pearl is FANGHUA’s product’s honor.

1,Color: Nature color: white, black, golden

2,Size: 8-15mm

3,Shape: round, pear, baroque, etc

4,Categories: necklace, bracelet, pendant, ring, brooch, earring

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